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Extending the Opening of Mowbray School 22nd May 2020

May 22nd, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope that you are all keeping well and bearing up to all that is happening around us. I write this letter to you as
an update regarding how we are extending the opening of school and I deliberately am not using the word ‘reopening’ as we have never closed. This letter is also a follow on from my letter to you on 14th May following the

Government’s announcement about the re-opening of schools. There is considerable news coverage about the
safety of children returning to schools and in order for us to make the school as safe as possible, we will be unable
to operate as we did prior to the pandemic and that we have introduced additional hygiene procedures
throughout school.

I mentioned in my letter of 14th May 2020, special schools have been instructed to “work towards a phased return
of more children and young people without a focus on specific year groups.” Our plan is that we will continue to
steadily increase the number of pupils who are in school and prioritising pupils whose parents are key workers;
pupils who are LAC (Looked After Children); pupils who are extremely vulnerable at home and we are now also
adding another risk category, for pupils whose parents need to return to employment. Pupil numbers
commencing 1st

June are increasing by 50% and we are planning to continue to bring more pupils into school,
parents of pupils who are returning then have been contacted.

As you would expect there are many new health and safety regulations and other considerations which need to
be put in place. We are taking the approach that pupils will be working in a group, each group using just one
room, this approach is being referred to as working in a ‘bubble’, effectively with pupils accessing one classroom
with one group of staff and one group of pupils, in order for us to minimise contact with others.
Consequently, we have to keep a safe number of pupils and staff on the premises and with the social distancing
guidance remaining that we should keep 2 meters apart from one another, the number of pupils and staff in
classrooms is considerably reduced. Until these guidelines change the numbers of pupils and staff attending
school will remain reduced, we simply cannot accommodate every pupil and every member of staff.
Future plans to bring more pupils back into school
Yr. 11 pupils who are leaving school at the end of June are to return on Thursday 25th & Friday 26th June 2020
(this will be their last day in school), in order for us to help prepare them and to say our farewells as they embark
on the next stage of education.

In the upcoming weeks school will be making transition arrangements for pupils who are moving from our
primary department into the secondary department in September and looking at how these pupils are brought
back into school to do this, as yet this we have not finalised this.

In addition to this we are planning how we can bring Year 10 pupils back into school, prior to the end of term, to
help in their preparation for their final year in school and the qualifications which they will be taking.
F:\Coronavirus\Letters & information for staff\Letter to parents about extending opening of school May 22nd
2020.docx Mowbray School 22/05/20 Page 2

Parents/carers who are going back into work and there is no-one to care for child at home, are to contact
school and then we will assess whether we are able to offer a place for your child. Please understand that we
have very limited places, as we cannot safely accommodate high numbers of pupils and staff in school and we
have a high number of staff who are unable to work in school.

Other information
We are requesting that pupils do not come into school with personal possessions, other than what is needed in the
classrooms, this will reduce possible infections as COVID19 is carried on all surfaces.
If pupils have symptoms of COVID19 at home, they must not be sent into school and you must follow NHS advice.
If pupils have symptoms of COVID19 in school, we will isolate them away from others, staff will wear full PPE and
you are to collect your child from school.

Home to school transport– understandably social distancing in transport is difficult to achieve and having to reduce
the number of occupants in vehicles, this does therefor mean that they can transport reduced numbers of pupils.
Parents who are able to or wish to transport their own child to school are encouraged to do so and North Yorkshire
County Council will pay a transport allowance to families.

I have also been asked by school transport to remind parents of current Year 11 pupils, that they must apply on line
for transport to your child’s next place of education (where they are going in September) applications are online
from Monday 1st June on the council website.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Tearle

Executive Headteacher