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Coronavirus letter Friday 20th March 2020

March 20th, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

It has been an incredible week and I am pleased to say that we have managed not just to remain open, but with
your help planned how we can be open next week. I have emailed all parents this morning, informing you that the
Government are now recommending that where possible ‘every child who can be safely cared for at home should
be’ and for special schools, the guidance says;

‘For some pupils, they will be safer in an education provision. For others, they will be safer at home.’ We have as
you know, asked where possible for parents/carers to keep your child at home from Monday 23rd March 2020,
until further notice.

This is because, we are trying, like everyone, to reduce the risk of pupils and staff catching the coronavirus, quite
simply the more children in school and the more staff in school, will increase the chances of pupils catching the
virus. In addition, we have a high number of staff absent from school, this number is increasing each day and it is
likely that these numbers will continue to rise into the future and we may not have the capacity to care for every

I can confirm that, following parent discussions with senior staff during the course of today, all those
parents/carers who have agreed with staff that your child will be in school next week, the school will be open for
them. I am so grateful to parents and carers who have agreed to keep their child at home and recognise the
additional challenges this places on you all. May I ask that all parents personally inform your child’s driver or
escort as to whether or not they will be in school.

I know during the course of the week that staff have prepared activities for pupils to do at home and they have
shared with you how to access them. All being well, Mrs Pickles and I are in school next week, along with several
staff to ensure that the needs of the children present and that the needs of the school and staff continue to be
met. Should parents need to speak with me or any of my colleagues, then do not hesitate to contact us next week
and we will help in whatever way we can.

We are in a period of uncertainty and I wish all members of our school community good health and all the very
best in these trying times.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Tearle,

Executive Headteacher