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  • Mowbray School

    Our Ethos


Our school vision is SURE and underpins all learning and values that parents, pupils and staff share and wish to promote and develop here. SURE stands for ‘Achieving Success through Understanding, Respect and Endeavour’


SUCCESS: Mowbray School teaches children the skills and knowledge they need to help prepare them for the world, meet their emotional needs and well-being. Success is relative to each individual and measured by each pupil achieving his or her potential. We believe that through mutual respect and understanding children will learn and achieve success and we aim to celebrate their achievements personally with each child.



UNDERSTANDING: We understand that all children have different educational needs and those we educate have significant difficulties. All staff seek to understand and respect each child’s personal circumstances, to empathise with and help them understand their own difficulties and personal well-being. Equally, pupils are taught that all people have feelings and to understand how others are affected by their actions. Above all Mowbay School aims to provide a learning environment that values individual and cultural difference, that promotes equality and diversity and ensures empathy towards meeting the needs of children in North Yorkshire.


RESPECT: Pupils need to respect their own abilities and raise their own self-esteem to enable them to achieve their potential. All children also need to understand that others wish to be treated fairly, kindly and politely. One of the greatest challenges our children face is how to interact with others. Often, the reason they have been allocated a place at Mowbray School is because relationships with others, whether adults or children, have failed. Equally, our school staff by their conduct and relationships they make, can provide excellent examples of personal integrity and compassion for the children.


ENDEAVOUR: Life is not easy so it is important that children learn they need to put considerable effort into everything they do in order to succeed. Mowbray School helps young people with significant and complex learning difficulties to achieve their best. We provide education appropriate to each individual pupil and recognise the need to address the whole child to ensure that his or her social, physical, cognitive and emotional needs are interwoven in their education.



The ability range of our pupils is wide, from p2ii to GCSE pass grades. Some pupils will attend mainstream schools and colleges and other places of learning across the Hambleton, Richmondshire and Harrogate districts within North Yorkshire. To accommodate this broad range we provide personalised learning with pupils grouped by ability within the Key Stages.

We believe that children thrive when encouraged and supported; they respond to being treated in a positive and nurturing manner. The principles that comprise SURE are valued by both children and staff. They reflect our desire to help children to understand their difficulties, develop respect for themselves and others and, through this, become successful in what they do and achieve.

Our role is to help all those who need it and to support parents, pupils, and the school community in achieving success for all pupils. Through working together with pupils, parents and all agencies involved in the child’s wellbeing, achievement will be deeply rooted within his or her world and provide a stable base for future development.